Content management, elevated.

Craft is content management at its finest. It delivers an extraordinary amount of control to developers, while keeping the editing experience simple and elegant for end users.

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An entry with a Matrix field being edited in Live Preview.

Ready where you are.

Edit content on the go with Craft’s responsive control panel.

Craft running on an iPad and iPhone.

Citizen of the world.

Craft comes with powerful localization support built right into the core, and its control panel has been translated into 18 languages.

Craft’s settings page, translated into Arabic
Craft’s locales page

You’re going to love it.

What sets Craft apart is its friendliness toward front- and back-end developers alike.

Once again @craftcms are winning points for everyone involved in this project, support request dealt with within 6 hours, bug fixed!

Just finished my 5th site on @craftcms - I'm building better sites 240% faster based on what @harvest tells me, and I'm loving it!

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Get your own personal demo site in minutes by going to, or download the site from GitHub and install it yourself.

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